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The Back Nine Bandits are seasoned musicians, dedicated to providing dance-able variety music to retirement communities in the Valley of the Sun.


The Back Nines Bandits offer a wide variety of musical styles, such as rock, country, blues, jazz and rhythm & blues, so there's always something for everyone.  They pride themselves on the ability to cater to the crowd, whatever the venue or occasion, with their extensive song list.  New material is being added frequently.  


Each member of the Back Nine Bandits has a long history in the music business.


Rick Axelrad (Drums, Vocals), the back beat of the group on drums, had been playing since a teenager in Texas.  He performed in in his own band and sitting in with numerous name bands in the 70s, After taking a break, Rick is back at it with the Back Nine Bandits adding his rock-steady beats and the occasional vocal.

Gary Bonadio ( Guitar, Vocals ) Originally from Connecticut has been playing music since he was 10. He played steadily throughout his earlier years but was drawn towards the Recording and Production side of music later in life. Gary is comfortable singing everything from Country to Smooth Jazz.

Steve Russell has been playing music for many years in the Phoenix area and around the country.  Originally from Massachusetts, he plays a variety of instruments to include guitar (lead, rhythm, and bass) and keyboards.  An accomplished singer with a range that compliments many  genres.

Shelley Russell is an accomplished keyboard player and vocalist, who has worked along side her husband in several music projects.  She has many years of experience touring, performing live in front of an audience, and studio work. Shelley and her skill sets are a welcomed addition to the Back Nine Bandits.

Whatever your music needs might be, consider the Back Nine Bandits for your venue or event. 

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